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Who are we?

Let us introduce you to our activities and philosophy.
Our team has 25 years of experience in designing and implementing automated trading robots for the Forex market, the world's most popular retail trading platform called MetaTrader 4.
The factors determining the trading on the stock exchange and the Forex market are no longer human, if not the machine, more precisely the algorithms.
More and more international banks and investment companies are using automated algorithms for stock exchange trading.

Today trading companies that dominate the world and stock markets with huge success, none of them uses human intuition. 
Both operates by machines and algorithms, such companies like Renaissance Technology, Virtu, Citadel ...
Human decisions and intuitions are increasingly being pushed into the background today.
Automation, machine speed, precision and controllability became more important, 80% of the US stock market turnover is made by trading algorithms.
You should not miss the technical revolution of our accelerating world, join us on this adventurous journey!

Check out our state-of-the art methods and Forex Trading robots (bots)!

The average performance gives you an average score, belong to us and be above average!

How long have we been dealing with Forex trading?

We met with the FOREX early in 2006. At that moment we "fallen in love" with.

Traded on different kind Forex companies, demos and live accounts as well.
The success would not come easy but finally we became a full time trader and long term trading robots developer as well.
Of course it took time. When we type these letters it is December 2018. Very lot of practice, observation, brokers tests and so on was stoned this long road.

We have tested hundreds of Metatrader 4 Trading robots (Expert Advisors), indicators and manual strategies.
It wasn't what we really liked, that is why we started to develop strategies, models and systems based on our own ideas.

During the past 12 years we have to recognise, the long-term trading is the essence of the stock market. This motivated us to invent long-term trader robots whats are compensating some from each other losses. We never felt and said "we have a mission”, we had and have aims. Our Aims were and still is to give useable trading tools into the hands to our fellow traders who willingly wish to use them.

Also it was a long road to choose a proper financial services company to trade with.
We did try many of them and finally stuck at a company which services, communications deposits and withdrawals, accounting and backoffice works and mainly the customer service and the continous reformation for their traders' partners' benefit, do not talk about their social responsibility and more the 55 different kind of winned awards, this is for my the COMPANY below, the: FxPro.





What does our site offer?
We are sharing our 25 years of experience on this website.
Our experience covers the Forex market, Automatic trading, Forex VPS and Forex trading with FxPro.

We monitor, develop and regulary update our Forex trading robots.
Also cyclically recalibrate for maximum efficiency and performance.
Be sure to visit "What is Forex?" and "What is Robot Trading?" pages for valuable informations!

We are the Introducing broker of FxPro Global Markets and an affiliate partner for several Forex VPS (Virtual Private Server) providers.
Our goal is to deliver the performance of our automated trading robots programmed for MetaTrader 4 trading platform,
to reach a wide audience.
For information about our trading robots, please visit the "MT4 Trading Robots" page.

If you want to earn money by selling our forex trading robots, sign up for an affiliate partner on the Payhip site.
After every successful sale, you get 30% of the sales price!





Why we recommend FxPro for Forex trading?

Why FxPro?

We are the introducing broker of the FxPro Global Markets.

Because of according to all our experiences, their own summarising about the company is true.
Independent review site has same oppinion like us.


Our favourite Broker is the FxPro.

We know them since we started to trade and we never had any problem with them. Every department of the company working so "smooth like the silk". No conflict, no misunderstanding, if you express yourself clearly. The deposits and withdrawals are very fast. You can use EA, you can hedge at any time and can use different kind of Trading Platforms. You can enjoy the power an advantages of them.
The customer support simply excellent.

Moreover the FxPro is a real, truly Global Broker. They have offices in the UK, Cyprus, the Bahamas and in Dubai too. You can reach 6 assets on the company platform and you can choose leverage from 1:1 till 1:500 depend on your trading temperament and risk appetite.





Is there a Forex Holy Grail?
Yes it exists, it's called diversification!
There are countless gossip on the Internet about the Forex Holy Grail system.
Every trader is looking for the Holy Grail, a strategy or a robot that shreds the money from 0 to 24 hours with minimal risk.
The good news is that there is a Holy Grail, and we have found it!
The Forex Holy Grail is the diversification i.e. Portfolio trading.
In order to achieve the highest return with less risk, it is essential to think in a portfolio.
Put together stock's or currency pair's in a portfolio that has a relative movement very low, i.e., their correlation is between 0 and -1.

You can make portfolio systems in two way:

One way, is to generate multiple strategy on one asset, which has low correlation for each other.

Second way, is to generate multiple strategy on multiple asset, which has low correlation to each other.

These methods is called diversification, this is the only way to reduce the risk of your trading systems.
All the trading robots on the "MT4 Trading Robots" page are based on these concepts.

You can read more about diversification on Wikipedia.





What to take care of in Forex Trading?
Whatever the circumstances, the limitless Grid and Martingale-based trading systems must be cautious!
Never use such systems!
Because they are very risky, and very soon and easily a complete capital loss can occur.
Avoid them during portfolio creation also!